Ginger Beer Cocktails- Not Just For Mules


Nothing says refreshment on a hot Arizona day than a cool, delicious cocktail. We here at Hensley Beverage Company know that refreshment is as important to you as a beautiful Phoenix sunset. With that in mind, we wanted to introduce you to Barritt’s Ginger Beer, America’s most versatile mixer. If you’ve ever had a Moscow mule at a place like O.H.S.O. in Phoenix or The Handlebar in Tempe, than you know what we mean. But not many know that Bermuda’s favorite soft drink is also an excellent mixer for other drinks too- not only mixing deliciously and refreshingly with Vodka, but spirits like rum, whiskey, and tequila. We put together our top 5 ginger beer cocktail list all made with our favorite ginger beer and spirits. All of these recipes are simple and delicious- whether out at the pool, at home on the patio, or out at your favorite local watering hole. Trust us- you won’t be disappointed!


Moscow Mule- The Classic

2oz Hammer & Sickle Vodka

1oz Taste of Florida Lime Juice

½ Lime (sliced)

4oz Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Pour vodka into cup, add lime juice, stir, top with Barritt’s Ginger Beer and garnish with a lime.

CharlestonGinger Tea

Charleston Ginger Tea- The Aged Beauty

2oz Homemade Iced Tea

2oz Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon

2oz Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Shake tea and bourbon in a cocktail shaker, strain into an ice-filled glass, add Barritt’s Ginger Beer, and garnish with mint sprig.

Rum Ginger Fizz

Rum Ginger Fizz- A Carribean Favorite

2oz Railean Spiced Rum

1oz Taste of Florida Lime Juice

1oz Taste of Florida Simpe Syrup

2 dashes of Sun Liquor Aromatic Orange Bitters

2oz Barritt’s Ginger Beer

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients (except Barritt’s Ginger Beer). Shake and strain into cocktail glass filled with ice. Top with Barritt’s Ginger Beer, and garnish with a lime wheel.


El Diablo- A Caribbean Twist on the Southwest

2oz 3 Amigos Blanco Tequila

1oz crème de cassis

1oz Taste of Florida Lime Juice

Top with Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Combine all ingredients (except Barritt’s Ginger Beer) in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into ice-filled glass and top with Barritt’s Ginger Beer. Garnish with lemon or lime slice.


Bermuda Pearl- The Sophisticated  Muddle

2oz Dry Fly Washington Wheat Vodka

1oz Taste of Florida Simple Syrup

2 Lime Slices

2 Thin Slices of Fresh Ginger

3oz Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Muddle: Ginger, Limes, and Syrup. Add vodka. Shake, strain and pour into ice-filled glass. Add Barritt’s Ginger Beer.


About Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Barritt’s Ginger Beer is the uniquely zesty, non-alcoholic  soft drink from Bermuda. It has more ginger bite than ginger ale, and is delicious on its own, as well as in today’s popular cocktails. As professional bartenders and home mixologists know, Barritt’s is a versatile mixer that compliments a wide range of whisky, rum, gin, tequila and vodka cocktails. No wonder Barritt’s Ginger Beer is considered a “secret weapon” amongst bartenders. Produced by John Barritt & Son Ltd. Since 1874, the company is family owned and operated by the fifth generation of the company’s founder.